Placement Advisory

Our success is directly tied to that of the managers we work with, therefore careful selection of our partners is of utmost importance. Through Placement Advisory, we work with managers that demonstrate a strong track record and have extensive experience in the market. Our services in turn include:

Advise on sales strategy with a focus on Germany as well as other select European markets
Optimize fund structures and terms as well as marketing materials
Contact and engage with professional and semi-professional investors
Organize and attend conferences and seminars with and on behalf of our partners
Support throughout due diligence and closing process

PIA Difference

Market Focus

  • Primary focus on investors in Germany
  • Focus on institutional investors such as insurance companies, corporates and pension plans
  • Selective advisory services in other European markets

Structuring Expertise

  • Deep understanding of European and especially German regulatory framework
  • Assistance in structural feasibility and product design
  • Broad network of legal and tax advisors, service providers and industry associations

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